Contact call ~ 07811 189 413
             Opening Hours ~ Friday 10am - 5pm
            Saturday 10am - 4pm

Practice & Tuition

TOP JUNIOR GUN certificate

An amazing clay pigeon shooting ground in Brecon


Perfect for experienced and pre-season game shooters.

No need to book.

Fully automatic 100-bird layout.


100-bird practice to include cartridges (12 & 20-bore)
and light refreshments

JUNIORS: £42 - aged 14-17 (must be accompanied)

Woodland Park Cartridges 

Due to noise issues in the area all shooters are required to use Woodland Park's own cartridges, Woodland Winners. These are made and supplied for us by Hull Cartridge Company and are always kept in stock.


Come along and have one-to-one tuition with John Butland. 

This is available by appointment only, so please contact us

All juniors (14-17s must be accompanied by an adult)

Experienced shooters
  • 100 cartridge/clay lesson
  • Adult £60 per hour - Junior £50 per hour
  • Up to 50 cartridge/clay lesson
  • Adult £35 per lesson - Junior: £30 per lesson
Novice shooters - Introductory lesson
  • Up to 30 cartridges and clays
  • Adult: £35 per lesson - Junior: £30 per lesson
To book tuition at Brecon's most picturesque shooting ground, please contact us.
clay pigeon shooting

Your choice of clay pigeon shooting

Whether you are experienced or new to clay pigeon shooting, Woodland Park Shooting Ground provides you with the perfect environment for shooting for entertainment and leisure. 

Call Woodland Park Shooting Ground, Brecon, on 07811 189 413 to attend clay pigeon shooting sessions.

What we offer

  • Practice sessions for experienced shooters
  • One to one tuition from novice to experienced
  • Perfect practice environment for pre-season game shooters
  • Group fun clay shooting experiences
  • A friendly welcome
Contact John Butland to book an appointment.
students practicing shooting
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